Free Rent A Car: Cars to rent in Chile

Free Rent a Car is the leading company in the automotive leasing market. It has a wide range of models of cars suitable for use inside and outside the cities, contemplating the lease of units categorized as follows:

  • Mini
  • Economic
  • Compact
  • Medium
  • Intermediate
  • Station
  • Suv and Suv big.

Among which offers models of the best brands in the industry, highlighting the rental of cars such as:

  • Nissan Versa or similar
  • Chevrolet cruze or similar
  • Chevrolet Orlando or similar
  • Suzuki high or similar
  • Nissan Xtrail or similar
  • Nissan Qashaqai or similar.

These models may have a variation in their equipment, considering mainly the number of passengers that is capable of moving, the type of manual or automatic box, the number of doors or functions such as air conditioning and airbag.

This company has two stores, with one car rental in Viña del Mar and another in Santiago de Chile, so it establishes two points highly visited by tourists to know the area or tour the country starting from these cities.

In Free Rent A Car they orientate their service to the tourist and for this reason in their website they offer a complete section of frequently asked questions, where they answer in detail topics such as:

  • Procedure of Chilean car rentals
  • Payment of associated taxes
  • Conditions of the company
  • Authorization to drive in Chile
  • Rights and duties of the tenant
  • Information about the TAG
  • Use of the unit leased abroad, among others.

By logging on to the Free Rent A Car website you can access all the benefits they give you by booking online.


Telephone office: +56222262373+56982994475
Location: Eliodoro Yáñez 2979, office 105, Providencia.

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